Administrative Staff

Name Designation Educational Qualification Date Of Joining
ABCD Accountant - 08-08-2019

Teaching Staff

Name Designation Educational Qualification Date Of Joining
Prof. Fr. Johnson Principal, Professor MBA 04-01-2017
Prof. Annsi J. Sojan Professor Ph. D.(Edu.), M.Ed., NET (Edu.), M.Sc.(Zoology) 25-08-2015
Dr. Diwakar Singh Associate Professor Ph. D , M.Sc., M. Ed., NET, MBA, PGDSt., M.A. 14-08-2015
Mrs. Rony Joy Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Zoology), M.Ed. 24-10-2005
Mrs. Jaya Saini Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Pursuing), M. Ed., M.Com. , NET, M.A. (English) 25-08-2015
Fr. Sany K Assistant Professor M. Ed, M. A.(English), B.Ph., B.Th. 11-05-2010
Fr. Saju K.A. Assistant Professor M. Ed., M.Phil. (Edu.), M.A.(Socil.), B.Ph., B.Th. 14-08-2015
Mrs. Pratima Prasad Assistant Professor Ph.D (Edu.), M.Sc.(Yogic Science), M.Ed., NET (Edu.), NET 14-08-2015
Fr. Jaison P.C. Asst. Professor M. Ed, M.A. (English), B.Ph., B.Th. 14-08-2015
Mrs. Jyoti Andhurkar Asst. Professor Fine Arts Certificate in Drawing, Thermocol Art , B.Ed. 25-08-2015
Ms. Divya Meda Asst. Professor Performing Arts M.Ed.,Diploma in Bharat Natyam,Vocal, Kathak Dance 25-08-2015
Fr. Antony Francis Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Pursuing), M.Com., B.Ed., B.Ph., B.Th. 15-04-2019
Ms. Lakshmi Shetty Assistant Professor Ph.D.(Pursuing),NET, M.Com,Diploma in Computer Acc.& Tally 15-04-2019
Dr. Pallavi Shrivastava Associate Professor Ph.D.(Edu.), M.Phil.(Eco.), MA,(Eco.), M. Ed, MBA 19-09-2021
Dr. Fr. Varkey Varghese Assistant Professor Ph.D. English , M. A. English, M.Ed. 01-07-2021
Dr. Indu Siyote Assistant Professor Ph.D. Eco., M. A. (Eco.) 01-07-2021
Mr. Harsh Mathur Assistant Professor Ph.D. C.S., M. Tech. (C.S.E.), B. Tech (C.S.E) 01-07-2021
Mr. Shivaji Rao Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Pursuing), NET, M. A. 01-07-2021
Dr. Ritu Mehra Assistant Professor Ph.D. Sociology, M.A. Sociology 01-07-2021
Dr. Manjulata Bhammarkar Assistant Professor Ph.D. , M .Ed, M.A. , M.A., Hindi., M.Phil. 01-07-2021
Mrs. Licy Mathew Assistant Professor - 29-11-2005
Dr. Thomas Kollapilly Assistant Professor - 01-07-2022
Mr. Vikas Malviya Assistant Professor - 01-07-2022

Non Teaching Staff

Name Designation Educational Qualification Date Of Joining
Mrs. Pushpa Prakash Office-in-Charge 29-03-2010
Mr. Adarsh Raushan Computer Lab Incharge 23-01-1995
Mr. Rajaram Vishwakarma Assistant Computer Lab Technician 01-08-2020
Mr. Augustin William Librarian 01-12-2020
Mr. Prakash Supporting Staff 29-03-2010
Mr. Dadhin Tigga Supporting Staff 01-11-2020
Mr. Lal Singh Supporting Staff 01-11-2020
Mrs. Munni Bai Supporting Staff 01-11-2020