Life Skill Training Program


A Life Skill Training Program was organized on 7th September 2019 in Christ School, Guna. The objective of the training program was to develop the life skills especially thinking skills, emotional skills and social skills along with career counselling. The program started with a brief introduction by Rev. Dr. Fr. Joby. He also gave training in creative and critical thinking. Ms. Jaya Saini taught emotional skills whereas Dr. Pallavi Shrivastava empowered students with social skills. In the closing session students were motivated to get their queries solved by the experts. Finally Rev. Dr. Fr. Thomas, the principal expressed gratitude towards the trainers and motivated the students to have happy and healthy lives by using the skills learned in the training program.


With a view to developing efficiency in English language special classes were organized from 9 December 2019 till 29 February 2020 for students from nearby community .The classes were taken by Ms. Jaya Saini, Ms. Pooja Srivastava and Dr. Pallavi Shrivastava. The four important areas highlighted during the classes were Grammar, Speaking, Reading and Writing comprehension.