National Education Policy 2020


National Education Policy 2020 highlights that in all the stages, experiential learning will be adopted, including hands on learning, arts integrated and sports- integrated education as standard pedagogy with in each subject. IQAC and Academic Council, Christ College has conducted a Workshop on Experiential Learning on 24/09/2022 to equip student teachers to practically apply knowledge and skills to real world experiences to further increase learners knowledge and develop competence in skills and behaviours. The resource person for this workshop was Mrs. Rony Joy, Assistant Professor Department of Education.





B. Ed. Level Workshop


Workshop on Emotional Intelligence


Christ College, Research Cell in association with Guidance and Counseling Cell organized a Workshop on Emotional Intelligence on 10/09/2022. The resource person for this workshop was Dr. Veena Dani, Retd. Professor, HOD, Sarojini Naidu Girls College, Bhopal.




M. Ed. Level Workshop




Workshop on Research Methodology

The Research Cell of Christ College, Bhopal organized a 10 days’ online workshop on Research Methodology for M.Ed. Sem-1 and M.Ed. Sem-3 Students from 6 November to 21 November 2020. The workshop was divided into two phases: phase-I from 6 to 11 November and Phase-II from 18 to 21 November. The resource persons of the workshop were Dr. Annsi J Sojan and Dr. Diwakar Singh. Both Dr. Annsi J Sojan and Dr. Diwakar Singh shared 5 sessions (5 days) each. Each phase was followed by quizzes and assignments; students actively participated in the live sessions, exercises and assignments. Major areas covered during the 10 days workshop were – meaning , types and characteristics of research, types of research, identifying problem, writing title, review of related literature, writing objectives, hypothesis, sampling, data collection tools, design, statistics and research, parametric and non-parametric tests, data analysis and interpretation and synopsis preparation. E- Certificates were distributed to all participants who completed the assignments and attempted the quiz. The coordinator of the workshop was Dr. Diwakar Singh.



Workshop on Article Writing

A workshop on Writing Articles was organized on 6 March, 2021. The resource person of the session was Rev. Fr. N.K. Dominic, Director of Christ College. The students in the workshop were taught various techniques and steps of article writing. Practical exposure was also given to students, where students went through several types of articles and participated in writing an article themselves. The workshop was very informative and the students appreciably benefitted from the session which was attended by the students of B.A., B.Com. B.Ed. and M.Ed. The coordinator of the program was Dr. Pallavi Shrivastava, Assistant Professor.

Workshop On Stress Management

A workshop on Stress Management was organized on 21 January 2020. The speaker on the occasion was Mr. Ritu Kant Sinha, a Presidents award recipient from M.P. Police. The participants included students from various nearby schools, students of B.A., B.Com. B.Ed., M.Ed. and the teaching and non-teaching staff of the schools and our college. The objective of the workshop was to help students and teachers manage academic and non-academic stress and to adopt various measures and precautions to deal with stress. The program coordinator was Dr. Pallavi Shrivastava. At the end of the session the guest was felicitated with a memento.

Online Workshop on Proficiency in English Language- Remedies to Enhance the Skills

On 20th and 21st July 2020, an Online Workshop on Proficiency in English Language -Remedies to Enhance the Skills was organized by Ms. Pooja Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Christ College. We live in an era where the significance of English Language is evident to all and its implications are inseparable in all walks of life. The pandemic has accelerated the usage of all the aspects of English Language, bringing every work online. Considering these aspects, the two-day Workshop focused on "Proficiency in English Language -Remedies to Enhance the Skills ". 100 teachers, students and other professionals across the country participated and quenched their inquiries to bring skills on the fingertips. The keynote on mastering a language by following the four Psychological Principles of Language Acquisition, ensured the efficacy of the workshop.

Workshop on Media Education

A one day workshop on Media Education and Media in Education was held on 9 March 2021. The workshop covered relevant topics in the course of study of B.Com. and B.A. students such as, film making, editing, news writing, script writing, and career options in media education and use of digital technology in learning and teaching. All students and staff enthusiastically participated in the session of the workshop and expressed excitement for further sessions on Media Education. A special session on Blogging and Vlogging was the highlight of the day. The resource person on the occasion was Rev. Fr. Limson Antony Puthur, the media chief of Navchetna, Bhopal. He oriented students to the practical use and benefits of Blogging and Vlogging and also dealt upon the employment benefits of the same. The session was attended by the students of B.A., B.Com. and B.Ed. Ms. Pooja Srivastava, Assistant Professor coordinated the workshop.

Workshop on Buteyko Breathing

A workshop on Buteyko Breathing was held on 8 June 2021. The objective of the workshop was to teach the students as well as teachers the art of right breathing which will improve focus and concentration on proper techniques of breathing to relieve anxiety, to help sleep better and to overcome the problems associated with COVID. The resource person for the workshop was Dr. Ajita Misra , a Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapist and a certified Buteyko practitioner , instructor and a breath worker. The session was a􀆩ended by 70 students from B.Ed., M.Ed., B.A. and B.Com. along with the staff members.

Workshop Art Education and Art in Education

As part of the course of study of the B. Ed students an online workshop on Art Education and Art in Education was held on Saturday, 27-03-2021 at Christ College, Bhopal. The renowned artist and senior professor of Art and Aesthetics, Rev. Dr. Sebastian Elavathingal, CMI was the resource person of the day. Students and teachers from all departments attended the workshop and enhanced their skill and knowledge in the field of art education. The workshop enthused the participants in the various forms of art, mediums of art, history of art dating back to the prehistoric times to the contemporary art schools in India and abroad and the celebrated artists and architects of the western countries. The Indian traditions of art reflected in the monuments and architectural edifices in the past and the prevalent art schools are eternal examples of the relevant of art in human life. Art has always been a serious subject of study and entertainment among all peoples of the world of all times. Art plays a very significant

role in all learning and teaching. It is an integral part of human civilization and endeavour. The workshop helped the participants in acquiring skill in enhancing imagination, creativity, art appreciation, criticism and art preservation in every form. Dr. Sebastian dealt extensively on the application of art in the context of classroom and elaborated the need for art education at all levels of learning. Though the session was the first in a series of workshops, the day covered a major part of the syllabus of the B. Ed students. Dr. Sebastian also showcased some of his own art works done in different mediums in the past fifty years. As he is currently engaged in the preparation of a course of study in Art Education for school students of all grades. This is strictly as per the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE, Delhi in one of its recent circulars. Use of art makes learning easier and interesting; it involves teachers and students and subjects taught become lively and relevant to the learners of all ages. It significantly improves the creativity and productivity of all students in every field. Music, dance, theatre, visual arts, metal craft, wood art, masks, body painting, murals, found art, land art etc were areas of interest for the participants. The queries of the participants were all answered by the erudite artist ad professor. He could very well elicit interest in the participants in the subject as was evident from the queries of the teachers and students. All expressed desire to have more sessions in the subject in the near future. Fr. N.K. Dominic, CMI coordinated the sessions of the workshop and thanked Dr. Sebastian for such a fruitful workshop.