Student Feedback on Teachers Attributes Excellent Very Good Good Average Unsatisfactory
1 Punctuality in conducting lectures and practicals
2 Regularity in conducting lectures and practicals
3 Timely completion of Syllabus
4 Ability to teach beyond the syllabus
5 Ability to include latest developments in the subject taught
6 Command over the subject taught
7 Communication skills
8 Self Confidence
9 Class Control and eye contact with the students
10 Neatness in use of black/white board for teaching
11 Ease in use of ICT based methods of teaching
12 Use of participatory method of teaching
13 Use of innovative methods of teaching
14 Ability to clarify doubts
15 Overall Rating of the teacher

On the following aspects, please indicate your level of agreement by ticking any one option Attributes Strongly Agree Agree Not Sure Disagree Strongly Disagree
1 The teacher comes well prepared for the class
2 The teacher uses student centric method of teaching
3 Attendance record of the students is maintained by the teacher
4 The teacher has an excellent approach towards teaching
5 The teacher illustrates concepts through examples and practical application
6 The teacher informs the students about the learning objectives and course outcomes
7 The teacher encourages participation and discussion in the class
8 The internal evaluation process adopted by the teacher is fair and unbiased
10 The teacher gives regular and timely feedback on the performance of the students.
11 The teacher’s attitude towards the students is friendly & helpful.
12 The teacher facilitates the students to overcome their weakness
13 The teacher guides the students for overall personality development
14 The teacher helps students irrespective of their background, gender etc.
15 The teacher is available and accessible in the Department after lecture timings
16 The teacher encourages the students to participate in extra-curricular, co-curricular activities and research projects
17 The teacher encourages ethical behaviour of the students
18 Before beginning the lecture, the teacher follows the concept of observing ‘one minute silence of the whole class’