Student Council

Importance of the Council

It is the medium through which the students get information about various activities and get involved in those of the college. The entire college gets involved in all the activities and decision making process.

In the context of constructivism every student need to own the responsibility for his academic and personal growth. For the above said, council like this provides a platform.

It consists of class representatives of the various classes and office bearers of the cabinet. The members of the cabinet are elected every year for the smooth functioning of the various programmes held in the college.

Objectives :

  • To train students in democratic values and governance
  • To have student representation in the functioning of the college.
  • To provide a mechanism to address grievances
  • To organize co curricular activities
  • To generate innovative ideas and practices in a collaborative atmosphere
  • To train students in leadership and decision making


  • Elected
  • Nominated

Election Procedure

  • Filing the nomination(All students are eligible)
  • Scrutiny (Incomplete nomination files are rejected )
  • Declaration of the eligible candidates
  • Self introduction of the candidate
  • Election by Secret balloting
  • Counting of ballot papers in front of student representatives under the supervision of election incharge and staff members
  • Declaration of the result
  • Investiture ceremony

Selection criterion

The students can nominate the names for the post of class representatives and the office bearers of the college cabinet and voting is done for the same.

Office Bearers are as follows :

  • President
  • Vice president ( Male and Female)
  • Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Sports Coordinator
  • Joint Sports Coordinator
  • Cultural Coordinator
  • Spokes man

The proposed candidates undergoes a process of interview with a panel of cabinet animator and the management . The final selection vests with the management.


For being the member of college cabinet a student should have minimum 55% marks in previous classes and 75% attendance in the class. The office bearers of the college cabinet can be debarred from the post they are found guilty of any mischief and misconduct in the college or if they don’t comply with the eligibility conditions. The names of the selected students are displayed on main notice board.

Every year the principal constitutes an Election Commission to hold the college cabinet election. He establishes the rules and regulations and code of conduct in holding the elections. Students found involving in clandestine means to breach the sanctity of the elections will face disciplinary actions.


Duties and Responsibilities

The college cabinet members have to actively cooperate with the animator, teachers and management in executing programmes and keeping discipline. They have to take up specific duties in organizing events and co-curricular activities.


Student Council Election 2019-2020


Student Council Election for the Academic year 2019-20 was held in Christ College on 12/08/2019 to provide leadership to the college students.


PresidentArman Nisha AnsariB.Ed. Batch 2018-2020
Class Representative Fr. John Paul M.Ed. Batch 2019-2021
Class Representative Arman Nisha Ansari B.Ed. Batch 2018-2020
Class Representative Rony Alex B.Ed. Batch 2019-2021
First Year Lairi Lakra B.Com. Session 2019-2020
First Year Sahil TIwari B.A. Session 2019-2020


Christ College organized Investiture ceremony on 5 September 2019.

The Student Representatives for different Classes were elected through a general mandate. Ms. Arman Nisha Ansari for B.Ed. II Year, Sahil Tiwari for B.A. and Lairi Lakra for B.Com. were awarded the Badges for the respective posts by the Director and the Principal of the College. The elections were held on 12th August 2019 where the students elected their representatives upholding democratic principles.

Contributions of the cabinet to the institution

College cabinet actively contributes towards the growth and development of the institution. The list of activities/events/contributions done by college cabinet in session 2017-18 are as follows :

  • Discipline duty performed in the morning along with checking of student ID Cards. Proctorial duties on various floors is done by office bearers.
  • Organized teacher’s day and independence day , thus contributed in the national integrity.
  • Keeping in view of the Go green Programme , the college cabinet painted all the pots to maintain the beautiful ambiance of college.
  • To bring the fervour and festivity of the region, cabinet celebrated BasantPanchami for the entire college. A cultural programme was organized by the cabinet. Sweets were also distributed to everyone by the cabinet.
  • To make the students aware of air pollution, cabinet arranged a seminar on celebrating eco-friendly Diwali . a special talk n the form of PPT was given by student president to inspire the students to celebrating cracker free Diwali.
  • A special workshop on self-defence for girls was arranged by cabinet to make girls more self -reliant and self-dependent. A coach of tai – Kwando gave practical training to the girl students.
  • Under the able guidance of the management and animator Asst. Prof. Rony, Ms. Jaya and Dr. Diwakar keeping the spirits high, college cabinet works dynamically with great zeal and enthusiasm for the betterment of college.