Social Welfare Programmes

Awareness campaign to fight the third wave of COVID 19


An awareness campaign was organized on 28 July 2021 at the nearby Shanti nagar hamlet to fight the third wave of COVID 19 which as predicted by the authorities, is round the corner. To spread awareness the Principal Rev. Fr. Johnson along with the Director, Rev. Fr. Dominic, Dr. Pallavi Shrivastava and Ms. Pushpa Prakash also visited Bilkhiriya, a nearby village. There the masks which were made by the students of Christ College were distributed specially to the children. Rev. Prof. Johnson on the occasion explained to the villagers the importance of maintaining hygiene, social distancing and wearing masks properly. People were invited to participate in the activities of the college and benefit from its social outreach programs. The villagers’ response was awesome.


The Bharat Raksha Rath


On 5 August 2019 The Bharat Raksha Rath was flagged off from Christ College, Bhopal. It was an innovative program to extend our gratitude to the soldiers of the country on the borders and to express the bond between civilians and our brave soldiers.


Corona Awareness Program


As the pandemic COVID-19 attacked the world the need for masks and sanitizers increased drastically and because of the heavy demand the producers could not satisfy the need of the masses. Students of Christ College, Bhopal realizing the need of the hour started making masks for the needy. The masks made were then distributed to the public. The objective of the activity was to spread awareness about the ways to protect oneself during COVID-19.


Joy of Giving


The Management and the staff of Christ College visited Shanti Nagar, an adopted village of Christ College, on 29 March 2022. We have been making frequent visits to the village and have been actively concerned and contributed for the well-being of its people and development of the village. This time we shared raw food packets that comprised of rice, pulses, sugar, oil, salt, turmeric and coriander. A packet comprising of all of these food items was delivered to each house. Rev. Prof. Johnson, Principal on the occasion appreciated the efforts made by the staff members and asked everyone to keep on sharing. The Coordinator of the program was Dr. Pallavi Shrivastava.


Social Outreach Program


Special classes on English were organized for the 12th class students of nearby schools. The classes were attended by 20 students from the Sanskar Valley school and Government school, Padariya. In the classes the students were taught basic grammar, reading, writing and speaking. The classes began in February and lasted till March. The classes were taken by Fr. Dr. Joby, Ms. Jaya Saini and Dr. Pallavi Shrivastava. The objective of this social outreach program was to teach English language to the Hindi medium students of nearby schools , also to help them understand the syllabus of English and help them prepare for the upcoming Board Exams.

Awareness Program on Banking Fraud


Two virtual awareness programs on COVID-19, and Banking Frauds were organized by Christ College in association with HDFC bank Bhopal on 25 January 2021. The resource person on the occasion was Mr. Rajat Mandle, Deputy Manager of HDFC bank Bhopal. The session was attended by 70 students of Christ College along with the teaching and non-teaching staff. The purpose of the program was to make the students and the staff members aware of the banking frauds that are happening these days. The Coordinator and the moderator of the program was Dr. Pallavi Shrivastava. The program was of immense benefit for all attendees.


Awareness Program on Traffic Security


Christ College organized an awareness program on traffic security on 4 February 2021. It was organized in association with MP Traffic Police. The resource person of the day was Mr. Vijay Dubey, SHO Traffic, Bhopal District. 70 students from B.A., B.Com., B.Ed. and M.Ed. participated in the program. Mr. Dubey highlighted the importance of traffic security, discussed the traffic rules and also warned the audience against the repercussions of poor driving. Queries of the students were also answered. Principal Rev. Fr. Johnson expressed his concern regarding the increasing accidents and the safety of the students. He also advised everyone present to strictly abide by the traffic rules. The Coordinator of the program was Dr. Pallavi Shrivastava.


Campaign Against Hunger and Disease


The Lord said, “Love thy neighbour as thyself”. Inspired by the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ, Christ College organized under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Dominic, Director, and a campaign to help and support the needy from the neighbourhood. This time we went to the interiors of Bilkhiriya village where the residents were adversely affected by heavy rains and corona virus.

The Management and the staff showed the concern and collected food materials which included rice, pulses and packets of biscuits along with warm clothes. It was on 28 July at 11 AM that we all drove to the interiors of the village, where small children were seen in torn clothes running towards us after coming to know that we had brought some food to share. The villagers then gathered at a place where Principal, Rev. Prof Johnson addressed them. Rev. Father said, “We come here to share what we have and invite your children to come and get educated in our college which exist in the neighborhood.”

Then Rev. Fr. Dominic and Rev. Fr. Johnson distributed clothes and food packets to all the adults and the children present. Provision packets containing grocery were distributed to women.

The objective of organizing the campaign was not only to serve and share with the people in the neighborhood but also to inculcate the value of sharing what we have with others among the students and the public. The program was organized by Dr. Pallavi Shrivastava, Assistance Professor, Ms. Pushpa Prakash and supporting staff, Mr. Prakash Jatav and others.


National Awareness Program on Animal Rights And protection held on the occasion of World Nature


National Level Awareness Program on Animal Rights and Protection on the occasion of World Nature Conservation Day was organized on 28th July 2020. The resource person was Ms. Neelam Jeet Kaur, President of Charitable Welfare Society for Humankind and Animals. The world is facing increasing threat from unsustainable practices and the challenge is to preserve and conserve nature in the process of achieving sustain able development. The state of nature has an impact on human survival, local and global economics, community life, human health and wellbeing. The purpose of the program was to educate students to make a conscious effort to contribute to the local, national, and global efforts in conserving nature and the benefits they provide for the present and future generations. The focus of the national webinar was on protection and conservation of animals. Under it the ways of protecting animals, laws related to animals and the influence of COVID- 19 on animal life were also discussed. The program was attended by the staff and students of Christ College and volunteers from various states. The coordinator of the program was Dr Pallavi Shrivastava, Assistant Professor.