Art And Craft

A  two  week  art  and  craft  workshop  was  organized  by  Christ  College. The  art  and  craft  trainer  was  nd  Mrs.  Rony  V  Joy.  The  workshop  was  organized  in  the  2nd  and  3rd  week  of  February  2020. The  objective  of  the  workshop  was  to  develop  the  aesthetic  and  creative  skills  in  students.  In  the  session  drawing,  sketching,  painting,  rangoli  making,  puppetry,  mask  making,  pot  making  etc.  were  taught.  Students  prepared  and  submitted  a  file  on  the  same.


Drama and Art in Education


A special workshop on Drama and Art in Education was held on the 9 of April 2022. The resource person of the workshop was Mrs. Rony Joy Varghese. The workshop was conducted for the pupil teachers of B.Ed., as it is part of their curriculum. The workshop will be conducted on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only, for more than a month. The Coordinator of the B.Ed. program as well as the workshop was Mrs. Jaya Saini.


Workshop on Art Education and Art in Education Conducted


As part of the course of study of the B. Ed students an online workshop on Art Education and Art in Education was held on Saturday, 27-03-2021 at Christ College, Bhopal. The renowned artist and senior professor of Art and Aesthetics, Rev. Dr. Sebastian Elavathingal, CMI was the resource person of the day. Students and teachers from all departments attended the workshop and enhanced their skill and knowledge in the field of art education. The workshop enthused the participants in the various forms of art, mediums of art, history of art dating back to the prehistoric times to the contemporary art schools in India and abroad and the celebrated artists and architects of the western countries. The Indian traditions of art reflected in the monuments and architectural edifices in the past and the prevalent art schools are eternal examples of the relevant of art in human life. Art has always been a serious subject of study and entertainment among all peoples of the world of all times. Art plays a very significant role in all learning and teaching. It is an integral part of human civilization

and endeavour. The workshop helped the participants in acquiring skill in enhancing imagination, creativity, art appreciation, criticism and art preservation in every form.

Dr. Sebastian dealt extensively on the application of art in the context of classroom and elaborated the need for art education at all levels of learning. Though the session was the first in a series of workshops, the day covered a major part of the syllabus of the B. Ed students. Dr. Sebastian also showcased some of his own art works done in different mediums in the past fifty years. As he is currently engaged in the preparation of a course of study in Art Education for school students of all grades. This is strictly as per the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE, Delhi in one of its recent circulars. Use of art makes learning easier and interesting; it involves teachers and students and subjects taught become lively and relevant to the learners of all ages. It significantly improves the creativity and productivity of all students in every field. Music, dance, theatre, visual arts, metal craft, wood art, masks, body painting, murals, found art, land art etc. were areas of interest for the participants. The queries of the participants were all answered by the erudite artist ad professor. He could very well elicit interest in the participants in the subject as was evident from the queries of the teachers and students. All expressed desire to have more sessions in the subject in the near future. Fr. N.K. Dominic, CMI coordinated the sessions of the workshop and thanked Dr. Sebastian for such a fruitful workshop.