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Christ College provides extensive infrastructure for the fulfillment of the various needs of the learners, the which includes spacious well-equipped classrooms, library, reading room, computer lab, language lab, multipurpose hall, language lab, psychology lab, extensive sports infrastructure and other amenities.


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Psychology lab :

Sixty seven psychological tests prescribed by the affiliating University like intelligence tests, creativity tests, picture completion test, Bhatia battery, personality test, mirror drawing apparatus, memory drum etc. are available with the college psychology lab.


Computer lab :

The institution has an advanced computer lab with 30 computers. The systems are connected through LAN and have Internet connectivity at all times. Other IT facilities include LCD, printers, laptops, CD writers and scanners. Staff and students enjoy free use of computers and Internet for projects, research, presentations, workshops, lectures etc.


Multipurpose hall :

The institution is having the facility of a multipurpose hall. It acts as common ground for students, faculty and renowned educationists for the regular interfaces, conferences, seminars and other events. For organizing cultural events and seminars this hall is equipped with LCD projector and communication tool like public address system, music system etc.


Reading Room

A separate reading room with a seating capacity of 20 students is made available for students to do their reference reading, project work and reading based discussions and activities.

Language Lab

A software based language lab is established to improve the communication skills of the pupil teachers. 60 students can attend the training at a time. Software installed in the language lab includes Console OCL-908W, MS Office and Windows 7. Other accessories includes- projector, 60 headphones (attached to instructor’s terminal), CDs from Cambridge University on Communication, dialogue and writing out a paragraph. Setup of the language lab is CALL i.e. Computer Assisted Language Lab.


Science and mathematics lab :

The lab comprises of various charts, models, specimens, apparatus, chemicals and reagents related to physical and life sciences, microscope, specimen of human skeleton etc., are also available. The lab also comprises of different types of charts, pictures related to mathematics, static and dynamic models, weighing and measuring instruments, geometry kit and collage, thermometer, bar magnet, stencils of geometrical figures etc.

Social studies lab :

The lab comprises of charts, models, globe, pictures, scrap book, model lesson plans, time lines, maps, atlas, rain gauge, measuring instruments, wind wane, drawing material, slides and transparencies of different geographical and historical places.

Sports :

College has a big play ground for organizing games like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Football, volleyball, basketball and cricket. Facilities for games like chess, carrom board and badminton are also available.